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selling reborns
Thank you!!
I will give that a try now.

Always good stuff on ebay - get on there!
You know I take one of my reborns with me shopping or wherever I go and have it in a car seat usually. People love to look at babies and when they do I get to tell them what they are and hand them a business card. People don't think its odd for me to do as a matter of fact the girls at the local retail store look forward to seeing me and now people are actually going there to find meTongueThey know this is how I advertise because the add in the paper is fine but most people see the word doll and their mind sees a doll taking them with me they see baby and when I tell them doll they still see baby.
I'm a walking biboard.Tongue
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
I think that taking one of your bubs out with ya is an excellent ideaSmile
I sell my bubs in a shop close to where I live and I always carry the bub arround with me before going into the shop it dose attract some funny looks. And it also generates busness, I too carry cards arround with me to hand outSmile
When I move to Oz I will check these site out properlySmile
Alwas good to know there are alternatives to ebaySmile
How lucky you are to have a shop to put your babies in. I have been looking but no luck so far.
Taking the babies was a little awkward to me at first but now it is natural. People even look for me now. :-)
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Hi hun surely a craft fair would be a great place to sell youre babe's. And you can generate lots of interst tooSmile
brig xSmile

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