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Same Doll for Sale Twice???
Hey all, this is just a shout out. A item was just posted on Ebay that just started after 1:30 A.M. yes, I am up for those of you who are wondering. The item number is 122789220865 being sold by someone in China. What looks like the same doll, item number 122722809169 sold in October by a American seller.
I am noticing this is happening quite a bit. Ebay policy will not allow you to file a claim for a item until the appointed shipping time they assign has elapsed. In this item case, it is not until after Christmas. These out of state sellers should have to provide a security photo before they can list.
I feel for the person who buys this doll or any of the other ones.
Ebay is aware but looks the other way.
I just checked it out and I see that old vintage mannequin sold for $390. The new listing from China has zero feedback and it will be a scam. I would report that auction as a scam. If I was a buyer I would never buy from a zero feedback.
wow that is really interesting and not good

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

thats shocking is'nt it - I have bought kits from China, and have always received them, well to date that is
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