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Sad but Glad
Thank you Pia I do really hope so, its not like me to have to push myself to paint... going to try this morning again got so much to do x
Judy I know exactly what you mean, too many people putting their noses in other peoples business, I note that a lot of Facebook, I do not go on there as much now, as get fed up with ready nasty things being said about people and people work. Such a lot of jealousy out there. I used to love the shows and always sold well at most of them but unable to do them on crutches or a wheelchair. I have a few private orders to do, but not able to work on them for long as the pain in the shoulder flares up again, but will get them all done soon I am sure.
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I found many people at doll shows to be very bitter and twisted however I choose to ignore them and any comments they make.

If people want to buy my dolls then all well and good but I will not discount nor will I take crap from anyone.

I price how I feel so be they cheaper or dearer than everyone else's then  so be it.

I think it is sad that people feel the need to be so bloody nasty about people and I see where you guys are coming from.

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Andama Dujon

so well said Andama, I priced mine really fairly, but some said " too dear" some said " too cheap what's wrong with them " but once people had bought them came back again and again. We went to the Peterborough Show as was taking l5 baskets that I had to to a lady that fancies them up and sells them, I am never going to do that, some more in the loft hubby says, they will go to her next time.
The show was lovely, but I am in a wheelchair and the prams had been allowed in at a high cost I thought, so much for always being told the insurance of the halls will not allow prams and people, this show was so busy they started queuing at 9.30 and the queue was still oout of the door and across the pathway when we got there at 11m, I knew where the back doors were and got in that way, but went to pay for us both I would never tell anyone about the door either. Got the new magazine for free, going to take a look at it now, also bought
a new newborn doll, couple of outfits for my new part silicone boy, now need another outfit for the one I bought today, a Sarah Louise dress me thinks. Just do not feel like sewing now that I am no longer doing shows. x
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