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Romie Strydom baby sells for $22,000
Found this thread on BB's forum. Unfortunately I was a tad too late and all the photo's bar one have now been removed Sad I will ask on BB's forum if anyone kept copies of the photo's but not sure if that's allowed. The buyer must have wanted them removed. You can still read the description of the bub which sounds totally amazing!
Reading the thread, apparently the buyer's identity has been sworn to secrecy! Somebody famous maybe?????

This is the link if anyone wants to have a read


This is the baby from the website.. Joelle was one of twins and the one that just sold for $22,600.00 was the "bonus baby" (I think)..

Wish I had that much money to spend on a baby.. I think you might be able to adopt an infant for about the same fee in some states..
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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The baby that sold also came with a bonus baby.
Here are the photos of the silicone baby that was won.

[Image: IMG_0112.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0115.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0170.jpg]

If I had $22,000 I wouldn't be spending it on a doll LOL


[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

gorgeous ... but I agree I wouldnt be spending that much on a doll... but oh wouldnt it be nice to have that much money that you could Smile
She is just a simply stunning baby Romie really done an awesome job with her..sigh...wonder what it would be like to have that sort of money to spend...Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

I confess if I had that sort of money I would have placed a bid
she is the best one I have ever seen, just loved her.
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I'm like WOW!!!!!!!!!!! In aweSmile
Truly amazing baby and I bet the doll was very expensive to.
BeautifullSmile I would love to hold one to see what it feels likeSmile

Brig xXx
She's simply stunning. Bonnie posted lots of photos of Joelle on Facebook, before she was listed, and I was completely amazed with her. Smile

I agree with Andama, though. If I had all that money I would not spend it on a doll, hehehe! Smile

Andrea Melo
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I also knew of that sale.
The baby is simply stunning - a true work of art and I would love to have her!
Romie is an absolutely amazing artist. So lucky to have a few of her kits, including her latest, Rainer.
Would I pay that amount for a doll if I had that much to spare? I think not....
Jayne xx
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