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Reborning Without Artistry Background?
My little niece is only 3 months old so i am always taking pictures of her hair, she has the most adorable swirly crown Smile Simply gorgeous and I noticed today how white her skin actually is, I always tend to paint the fleshy peach colour with reddish mottle but in fact when I was watching her stuffing her hands in her mouth, they are actually snow white !!
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Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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I noticed how whit babies can be which is one of the reason so many of my bubs are pale, I would get arrested if took photos of peoples babies, perhaps we should have section on here for photos of real children to help us.
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Andama Dujon

Hello again,

Firstly, thank you *so* much for all the replies, the information, the advice, the support and encouragement. My new paints should be here soon (I had a minor catastrophe with my others).

I DO have the Meg kit now...I didn't realize they smelled so funky. o.O The Berjusa and Berenguers I've had before, didn't really have a smell as they weren't really 'kits' per say, but woww there's a strong smell to the Meg kit. How do I get rid of it! lol Will it bake off?

In any case, I would love to post pictures of my berjusa and berenguer, but I no longer have them. Sad I gave one away and sold the other one...stupid me didn't save any pics! But...I will be sure to do that from now on. I keep kicking myself for that one. It probably would have been encouraging to see my 'firsts' after a few others and see that I'm making progress.

Thank you again all, I really do appreciate the 'cheerleading' per say lol

As for my method in studying kids...that gets complicated because I don't have any. However, I find that if I go to google and just type in 'newborns' it shows me all sorts of different complected babies, which is helpful. That and youtube. Smile) lol

Dont be discouraged in any way with starting this artform. I have no artistic background as such, other than having a good understanding of colour etc. I cannot paint and I cannot draw, but I can make a reborn. No I am not in Helen of Tinkerbells league, nor Selena Saxons, but I can hold my own, and make realistic babies. For me it has been practice and patience and not being afraid to try out new things and techniques. You will find your style and find out what works for you and what doesnt. Soak up all the info and advice you can, and again, sort through what is useful for you. Everyone here is fantastic, and if you have any questions or need a boost, post away!!

I believe in practice makes perfect. I have been reborning for 3 years now and still have so much to learn. I also think that being in love with this art form goes a long way in the success of your reborn. I go to sleep at night thinking of how and what I am going to do next on my reborns. lol. I am totally hooked. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of reborn dolls.

Dolly hugs
Chantell xxx
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i think if you are determined , wether you have a art background or not it is achievable with very hard work and a willingness to learn , i think if you have an arty background that could be an advantage, MY MUM USED TO SAY , theres no such a word as I CANT, .... its just CAN with a t on the end, ive always remembered that, love teresa x

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