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Reborning Without Artistry Background?
Hello all.

I wanted to get some opinions on this topic. I have heard far more negative than positive, so I wanted to ask the reborning community, rather than those who have not done it.

Is it true that it is next to impossible for someone who has not had an art make a realistic looking reborn? you think it is much harder, but achievable? you think no art background is necessary at all?

I ask, because I have zero background in painting anything. I tried ceramics when I was a child...that lasted a very short while. But, painting a hard, unnatural ceramic bunny is much different (imo) than working on a realistic, infantlike vinyl doll. Also, I have a passion for babies in general. I don't have kids (we have infertility issues). But...that aside, I think having a passion for babies goes a *long* way in reborning successfully. Am I wrong in that? =/

I've done crochet, needlework, and some watercolor stuff (with watercolor pencils, that is, not paint). I was successful at those, but something was missing. Success is one thing, but enjoyment is something else. I was getting nothing out of it, but frustration.

Then I saw a PBS special on reborns. After ignoring the know-it-all commentator and reporter, and just focusing on the reborns themselves, I wanted to try it. So I did, and I had the time of my life on my first one (a Berjusa or Berenguer)...honestly I don't remember which I did first, as I did both early on.

They weren't 'successful' in the art sense, as the lips on both were horrendously dark, and the rooting left a lotttt to be desired...and honestly they looked quite a bit like a child had used mum's make up drawer to paint them. Sad BUT...they were outrageously successful in the area of therapy and joy. I found myself wanting to do more, learn more, and *be* more, in the artist sense.

Enough of the rambling (sorry). My main question is, due to the fact that I have no kids (and thus no real examples of how a newborn should look first hand). And, the fact that I have no background in painting...should I still feel so *certain* that eventually I will be able to make an unbelievable reborn? I need to kick my high hopes down a notch?

Any opinions are welcome, and please feel free *not* to go easy on me, as I'm a big girl and can take it. Smile
If you enjoy it, thats all that matters Smile

Maybe you won't ever sell them for a small fortune, but is that really what you want to do? I'm sure a small fortune could come in handy, but it seems as though you want to reborn for yourself, not anyone else?
As far as artistic ability, I have friends, who are so incredibly 'arty' they draw the most amazing life like pictures, and have such creative flair, it makes me jealous. I'm sure a little bit of artistic ability wont go astray. Wink But if you have dedication and a willingness to learn and improve and learn from your mistakes I don't see why you can't make some lovely babies Smile

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I don't think you have to have an artistry background to be able to produce realistic reborns. If its something you love to do you will strive to make each one better than the last. There are plenty of resources out there that help you paid and unpaid for if you are willing to learn I can't see why you couldn't with practice produce wonderful reborns Smile
Hi Jules,

I am creative but not artistic and I can not even paint my house lol. I cant draw or paint either. I feel I make great reborns and as long as you take your time you will of course get good at most things including this. The hardest thing is to find YOUR style.
You can read the books, watch the video's and have lessons and what you should keep from any and all of them is are the tips, hits and how to use the tools. follow the instructions but try to develope your own style. I look at other people babies and often think that some things would work for me and others would not but I am now true to my own form and have a destinct style and in time you will be able to look at some babies and tell who has made them as like poker players we generally have a tell.
Every artist has a style and I do not believe that you need to be able to paint or draw or be artistic, what you need is to have lots of patience, perhaps a little craft back ground helps and of course you need to enjoy it as it really shows if you don't or if it is about the money.
I know people who are very artistic and yet are no good at making these babies.
I feel it is art from the heart and you will love it or hate and woe be you if you love it LOL as it is addictive as cocaine and be you great or be you humble you will be addicted.

In short you do not to have an artistic background, it may help but it is not the defining thing when re-borning.

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Andama Dujon

I do have an artistry background but have still had to do tons of research to learn this peticular art. There are loads of tutorials all over the internet although i have found the best tips come from the forum. My first reborn had very purple lips and in my opinion they are one of the hardest things to get right! I would say less is more on lips almost no colour at all ! I found the root holes were largly do to the big needles i was using and i find the 42 gage crown work best for me. I think like anything if you have a passion in the fitst place and study hard you will make lovely reborns! X
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I always say if you have your heart into something, if you feel the passion for something, no matter what you will achieve what you want to do and never let anyone tell you that you cant do it.
Enjoy doing your reborns, we all make mistakes but we learn by them and in this hobby you never stop learning and main thing have fun Smile

Lisa Smile

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I agree with what everyone has said , yes some people are born with a natural artistic ability but I believe anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it .. art is a skill that can be learnt other wise they wouldn't have art classes!
so yes you will beable to achieve a realstic reborn it may just take you alittle longer than some others just don't compare yourself work and your own pace and study pictures or reborns and of real babies study other peoples techniques and don't be affraid of trying new things
hugs gayle
I don't have an artistic background but am pretty good at interior design. as far as drawing and paiting I can paint indoors ( walls etc) but I make matchstick men when I try to draw, My reborning though is coming on in leaps and bounds I am now using babydust DVD's and they work for me.
I think it is something you build on when reborning and I enjoy mine when I get the time to do it.
I agree with all that everyone has said, but will add that you don't have to have an artistic background.
I agree, I can paint a wall a treat, but had never done a reborn before, I just
love it when I can find an hour or so to sit and paint, it is soooooooooo soothing,
takes your mind of everything else around you, and therefore well worth it, I am
getting better each time I think, ( but I am biased lol . I too have not had children
so have no idea of what is right and what is wrong, but this forum is so good at
helping us along and giving us geneuine critique, which is what we need to find out
where we are going wrong. Just keep painting and painting and ...........

Rooting, well thats another problem I must conquer over time.


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I never had children either which I feel it is not an issue when painting these babies, I think those of us without children really have to study a bit harder and we tend to look at babies a lot more when standing in a supermarket queue lol. I have found that because I didn't have children I tend to make my babies what I call FLUFFY lol, I really really dress them up, I like the longer hair and a lot of white. I have no idea how mums manage those stretch and grows or how they get their babies little arms and legs in some of the outfits you can buy as it can be quiet a contortionist act with the dolls and not a pretty sight either lol.

I do stare at children rather a lot especially their hair and I imagine that would be creep people out so I now keep myself in check a bit lol, does anyone else do anything weird or what are your secrets when checking out he real bubs for hair lines and rashes etc.

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Andama Dujon


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