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Reborning With Silicone?
Hi there,
I'm not sure if this is the right section or not, so I apologize if this isn't.

My friend is wanting to try reborning with silicone. She was wanting to make a toddler out of solid silicone, but noticed there aren't any silicone toddlers already out there a reason that no one has done this before? Has it even been tried? We realize that the silicone babies are very fragile and must be handled with caution. By toddler we mean 10-12 months.

Thank you for all your kind tips and information.
I think that there are many factors involved with silicone dolls.

Cost would be pretty up there as silicone babies cost a couple of thousand dolls so toddlers would have to be much more expensive.

Toddlers are less appealing to artists because of the work it takes to reborn one and to hand root the head so as artists we tend to do one every now and then which equates to one or two a year.

The public are also not great fans of toddlers and again much of the reasoning is cost.

Honestly there is a cap between BABY and say a 1-2 yer old and dolls in the in between age group are not really that popular. There are many many collectors of standing dolls especially the cute little girls but generally toddlers are purchased with the heart and although people collect reborn dolls it is seldom they will have a toddler and if so it is generally only the odd collector that does and they generally don't have more than one.

The most appealing toddlers are the peaches and cream gerber baby food looking child and when doing this style child as a toddler it is very easy to get a doll that is more doll like than baby like so artists generally are not fond of making this style child.

Silicone babies are seldom rooted because the hair can not be fixed inside the head so maintenance is ongoing and with a silicone toddler wigs would be the better option which of course would devalue the actual doll.

I like toddlers but I would not personally want more than one and I would never have a doll with a wig and a hand rooted silicone toddler I personally think would be a nightmare.
Almost everyone of us (artists) would like a full silicone baby but the cost is out of most of our reach.
This is a great question and I am interested to see what other people have to say on the subject.
I would like to see good quality full silicone dolls that are affordable as at the moment they are beyond the reach of the many.

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Andama Dujon


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