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Reborning a store-bought doll?
I have a doll sitting in my closet (just a regular doll, not a kit), would it be possible to reborn her? I’ve been reading around and it seems like all I would need is acetone or paint removal cream, some paint and something to sand the hair grooves down.
Are there any paints that you can use if you don’t want to bake the head?
That's how Reborning all started...taking a store bought doll (usually a Berenguer doll)
and making the doll to be more lifelike...

I sometimes use Jo Sonja's acrylic paints. I know there are paints that are sold for the purpose of Reborning, but JS paints have a matte velvety look and feel to them when they are cured. The only drawback to these paints are they must be cured for 14 days.
Dessa Rae
Awesome, thanks! Now when you go to use the paints you have to thin them out first, right?
Yes, thin them a lot...
I just use water, but there are mediums you can use.
I find the mediums will make the doll go shiny in the end.

Then after they are thinned, I find it easier to use a paint retarder
because acrylic paints tend to dry really fast and then you will get splotches.
Dessa Rae
Well this is very exciting Smile thanks again!

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