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Reborn outing
Wasn't sure which thread to put this in but I wanted to tell you guys about it. So my new little one ( who started off life as a girl and is now a boy) which I am very proud of, was involved in a school drama class performance and so I had to take her out to school. The majority of reactions from children at school were the typical case of the horror story. Children were all totally creeped out and thought that my beautiful boy was freaky and ugly. Thanks guys. I had a lot of mixed reactions from teachers too but of course they were all far more tactful in their dislike of my newest boy. I find it kind of ridiculous that most people found my boy creapy because of horror films and their extensive use of dolls. Anyway I got a totally mixed response but none that would stop me taking him again. Also because of my age so many people, in and out of the school building, thought he was a doll made for child care courses.
Some people are a little closed minded and those that relate to these dolls in a horror situation should get out more lol.
The up side to the reaction for the day is that you really are in a win win situation as these dolls are disliked because they look real or they are liked because they look real which is pretty good in my eyes.

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Andama Dujon

It's all good not to worry.
There has been a recent article re people getting creeped out by (mostly) reborns, but includes other creepy things. It was called the 'Uncanny valley effect'.
Anything that is semi-lifelike but is obviously not alive will creep out a percentage of the population. It's the Uncanny Valley effect and is natural for some people.
This includes all dolls for some people, then reborns are a subset even of that so this is definitely a niche category, IMO.
A link between what is almost human and what is creepy was proposed long before Final Fantasy, however. The phrase “uncanny valley” is widely accepted to have originated in 1970, with the publication of an academic paper by roboticist Masahiro Mori in an obscure journal called Energy. Mori's original paper was in Japanese. Contrary to popular belief, his original title “Bukimi No Tani” only roughly translates into the phrase it has made famous. A more accurate translation is “valley of eeriness”. Unquote.
So there you go! LOL
I have memorized this to recite quickly in such situations, " Oh your experiencing what is called Uncanny vally hopothesis, it's an emotional response to objects of life like realism. I say it so off the cuff that the individual becomes taken back for just a moment, they are not sure if something is wrong with them, so in a group no one wants to be the one with a problem. I found children in 3rd grade seem more drawn even the boys. By repeating your canned definition of their comfortableness that gives them a moment of self refection, some soon admit they do like the doll. Also always prepare the group that you have a art form that has become very popular (again not wanting to be left out) that a small percentage of the populace have uncanny vally hypothesis , ect. You get the picture as sometimes groups like to get on the band wagon. And I have to think that educating a persons palate they have a better opportunity to appreciate even if it's not their thing. So think ahead and remember after the great build up you say " Now are you ready to see this new art form?" Then show it off. It 's all about your reaction as well, hold you head up don't rush it and most of all let it be about them ask " Do any of you have a passion or hobby you enjoy so much? " and " Do any of you share those talents ? " I'm here to share mine with you and you must tell me of yours!
Try to never let them do the mob mentality thing on you.

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