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How many artists sell their reborns in real shops and not just online.

I travel a lot and have started to see reborns in real shops all over the country. I have discovered that most prices are around the $500-600 making me wonder what the commission is that artists have to pay.
I now own a shop and sell a lot of these babies so am interested in hearing about other stores around the world.

I was very surprised to see a few reborns in a newsagents in Grafton NSW Australia and the surprise was that these babies were in the window where the sun hits every afternoon. (and of course we know the sun is bad for the dolls)

I love that these babies are finding their way into shops and are for sale.

I know that they sell really well in shops if they are presented well and want to hear from other people who sell in real stores.


I know when I used to put mine in other peoples shops that they tended to get very dirty and their hair was always a mess plus their clothes seemed to get very dirty making the upkeep and often damage a real hassel, I now own a shop and it is much easier to care for and maintain these dolls but it is still more work than selling online.
Keeping an eye on them is an ongoing thing and anyone who does shows know what I am talking about. So I would love to hear other peoples stories.

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Andama Dujon


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