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Reborn doll artist/sculptor
Hi everyone, My name is Bri Wilkins . I'm 17 and love the art of reborning. I have been reborning these beautiful dolls since July 2016 . I discovered this art while browsing eBay for dolls. I became really fascinated by this so I started browsing the internet and doing research on how to make them. In late July 2016 I ordered a kit with everything you need to start reborning dolls . This kit came with paints, glass beads (used to weight the doll), hair and of course the kit its self plus lots more things (to many to name). I then got some one on one reborn doll classes from a lady who has been doing reborning for over 7 years (from memory) .She was wonderful she taught me so many new skills that made the baby look even more lifelike. Since then I have reborned over 30 dolls .It takes a while to figure this out but its all about trial and error , I have made so many mistakes but have never given up . I have sold many of these dolls to people on eBay or kept them in my private collection. I then started sculpting my very own reborn dolls kits hoping one day to get them produced into vinyl kits so that other reborn artists have the opportunity to reborn them . I now do customs reborns for people who want a specific look to their doll. I hope you enjoy browsing my blog/site. I believe each dolls is a individual work of art.
Im thinking of getting this sculpt made into vinyl (picture below) what is your opinion? is it good enough ? would you buy one if you got the opportunity? [Image: 2vtekpi.jpg][Image: 23i8cnl.jpg]

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Hi Bri and welcome to baby banter. wow 30 dolls in a year , that's a lot of dolls. Do you paint the hair or hand root it

I think those who can sculpt are very talented and your sculpt looks pretty good. I possibly would not but this sculpt as I do not like the eyes they look a bit Asian and I also prefer open hands

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Hi Andama , Well I started of with bald babies/painted hair but have recently moved onto rooted hair . Yes I agree the eyes need some work . Thanks for the feedback it really helps me Smile

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