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Really Fed up Now
Well, I am still on crutches and a wheelchair when we go out and still, no one seems to knows about the 4 groin injections I had in February, which caused this problem.  My dr actually rang the dept concerned and was told to email the paperwork from her to him and he would get it sorted, well that was the end of July, he has 4 days to end of August and we are still waiting.  Dr asked us to wait until the end of August before we see her again, and then we will have to put in a complaint.   No one wants to own up apparently.

To top that hubby has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and sees the Surgeon on 4th Sept, to make arrangement to take it out, he is worried sick about me as I am unable to manage without him, he does everything now as I am unable to stand for more than 4/6 mins without the shooting pain that knocks me out.  

On a brighter note, I still have my sense of humour but am in a lot of pain and it sometimes makes me cry.  BUT I am lucky to wake up in the morning, that's something. 

 the results are not good, the L4 and L5 have parted company and that is causing the pain that almost makes me feint 
also had knees done, left knee is bone on bone, right knee has only 7 of the little sacks instead of l5 think he called them burses.   Unable to get into bed so slept on the recliner chair for 3 months, now had to purchases recliner beds, which are still difficult to get in and out of, hubby has to assist, but he has now been told he has cancer of the prostate and will be going in hospital within the next few weeks,  he is worried about how I will manage.   They have four days to reply to my dr about the 4 injections no one seems to know about, but me, then we will have to write and complain about it all, all in all we are both worried about different things.
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WOW! You have a lot on your plate! Depending on how old your husband is, his prostate cancer might be treatable with the use of Lupron to suspress testosterone production.
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