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Re-rooting tips!
Hi guys! (wasn't sure where to post this)

Study is finally backing off a bit so i have a little more time on my hands. I was thinking of re-rooting my first reborns head....I'm a bit of a perfectionist and if something isnt right i tend to fiddle with it until im happy. Just wondering if anyone has ever re-rooted hair and are there any tips you can give me? eg.
Should i just pull the hair out?
How do i get the glue off the inside of the head?
How do i close/shrink the holes in the head?
and anything else you might think of?

Also....this may be impossible, but I have already put a really thin coat of the matte varnish over my doll and set it.... is there any way i can do more layers of paint with the genesis heat set paints? without stripping the doll completely?

Thanks guys!
I have rerooted a head but I stripped it as well.
I have actually also added paint on varnish, and then put varnish on top of that, it didnt seem to hurt. I added blush to a face.
The glue in the head was removed with water and a hard bristled bigger paintbrush and lots of rubbing. Assuming that glue is water based like modpodge. I would try water first, but remember it is a time consuming task and takes a while to get off. I then put the head in the oven to shrink the holes (once all the glue is removed and the hair pulled out) I just pulled it out by hand and tweezered any remaining hair.
Thanks Julianne!
I can't seem to find any info online about re-rooting but Ill give that a go Smile Im pretty sure the glue I used was water based...

At least I have learnt something from my mistakes! haha Smile
The glue can be soaked off the inside of the head and hair removal cream will remove any hair you cant pull out, once all that is done then heat the head the holes will close over.

let me know how you get on.

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Andama Dujon

Great advice! I was not happy with my first reborn hair since I rooted it with a larger needle so after doing the rooting for awhile I pulled the hair I had already rooted out and got smaller needles. Then I started re-rooting with those. Since I rooted this doll's hair very thick it turned out fine.
Back then I never thought of heating the head before hand to shrink the holes. Since that first doll I have learned many things. Some by trail and error. I have learned that dolls can be put back into the oven even after the hair is rooted. I had to do this with one of mine because I was not happy with the way I painted the mouth. I was risking it all when I did that but thankfully the hair was not effected at all and I was able to redo the lips and bake the paint on again. Just thought I would share that with you.
I cover the head of my dolls and re heat and never have problems and I use a gun

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Andama Dujon


I rooted my baby’s eyebrows terribly UGGH, I have already removed the hair (didn’t know I could have used Hair Remove Cream?)

I accidentally nicked off some of the paint and a few scratches from the tweezers,
soo now I have a huge problem.

Should I repaint the spots? And do I sandpaper the scratches?
Think I need to take a good nap, and re-think this...
I would strip the doll entirely. It's less time consuming than trying to fix painting spots.

I usually remove the hair with depilatory creams like Veet.

Andrea Melo
Reborn Dolls
Reborn Babies
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I responded to a post you made on another thread and I see now that it is the eyebrows that you rooted and subsequently scratched the vinyl! UGH - might be easier to replace the head and repaint!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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