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Put on your visuals!
Ok ladies I have been up and feeling better for a couple of days now so when my hubby and boys couldn't get our pigs trailered last night to got to the buthcher's I figures I would bundle up and go help. Weeell our pigs are about 300 pounds and "I" finally got the bag over the biggest ones head so he would calm down and we could "try" to trailer him. My hubby had his tail "the pigs" :-) and I had the front pushing when this little piggy decided he didn't want to go to market. Sooo he pushed forward and got his head between my legs and up I went backwards onto this huge pigs back and off he went with me ridding him and my hubby pulling his tail "the pigs". Finally my oldest son got in front of him with a board so he thought he was against the wall and I could dismount. After about 1/2 hr. we finally got him in and started with the second one who watched all that went on and seemed a little smarter but hey so was I. I got him bagged and this time kept my knees tight together and held on to his ears to back him up. Well about 20 minutes later we finally had them trailered and ready for market. Well this little piggy is staying home and resting today. Weee, Weee, Weee. Nope no pictures just your visual imagination of this 52 yr old pig rider.
Hope you all smiled for the day I know I do everytime I think about it and my boys laugh every time they look at me my 14 yr. old said it was quite a site seeing me and me yelling "Oh Lord, Dear Jesus". while I rode bear back, backwards on the pig in the night. LOL
OH wait the story just got better my husband called and the pigs fell out of the trailer and they didn't realize it until they got to the butchers and opened the door to the trailer. LOL So they back tracked and found them one on the side of the road and the other another mile away tied to a truck bumper. Only my wanna b farmer hubby and crazy brother-in-law would have that happen to them, and they want to do it again next year and raise a cow!!! OMG LOL!
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What a sight that must have been judymae lol I can just picture you at least you can laugh about and make us giggle too lol
Ya you have to laugh. I can just imagine too my husband and Darrells face when they opened up the trailer and there were no pigs. My husband said all he said was " Lord I just pray if anyone else has em that they need the meat more than I do." LOL
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
How funny, I can imagine just what you looked like!
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go you good thing. Pig rider ROFL

Now that's funny and to get to the end of your story to find the men then lost the pigs and had to back track to find them. Pig what pig LOL LOL LOL

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Andama Dujon

Well he they got home they told me the butcher who saw them come in and then leave got upset with his son's because he thought they left because they had waited too long for someone tells them that he got a call asking him if he could pick up a couple of pigs found on the side of the road finally put it all together and realized they left because they had no pigs. I thought I would wet my pants. Can you imagine driving down the road and see a pig just walking along and then another one a mile further up the road? LOL Oh what an ordeal just to get some fresh pork chops. LOL

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