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I'm new to the reborning world yet I sold my first kit for £110, this wasn't on ebay it was privately, the lady was very happy with her purchase, i'm now working on my second kit and I'm planning on selling her on ebay, I haven't cut any corners, I've spent many hours working on her and I have spent quite a lot of money to create her, in fact i spent the £110 from my first sale to fund this baby.
I have no idea on how much to sell these babies for, I don't want to go too low as I won't get back what I put in, I also don't want to cheapen the art of reborning, I've seen lots of cheap reborns on ebay which are terrible quality, I also don't want to price too high as I don't feel I have enough experience to demand a lot of money. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Hiya, I am no expert as I am getting ready to put my first baby on the bay as well, I am going to put a reserve on it, don't price yourself to low only you can value your work sweetie, but I am sure the other girls on here can point you in the right way as they will have a lot more experience with this xx
Hiya, I am also new to this and so am not in a position to ask mega-bucks, I find the best way for me is to add up the total cost (kit, fillings, hair, eyes plus a token amount for paint/electricity etc) which gives you what the baby owes you. I then add a few hours work at minimum wage and use this as the starting price.
That way, even if it sells for the minimum, you will cover your costs and feel you have got a small reward for your effort while you are learning, (ie getting paid for having fun!!) and I always think if people like it they will bid anyway.
The way I look at it, if you can't sell them for cost plus a little work, you probably aren't any good anyway lol!!!!
I prefer to set a starting price as people know what they are looking at - it really pees me off if I see something listed for 99p and then find after a million bids that there's a reserve of £150 - it just strikes me as a way for the person to cop out of the fees, and I tend to bypass these auctions. Just a personal thing, but you never know how many people out there feel the same!! xx
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

some newbies make great babies so down pricing can be a little silly. Put a reserve on it which covers your costs plus maybe a bit more than leave it to the bidders. I would like to say that it is very hard to sell on ebay and although there are lots of bubs on there sales are very slow especially for those who are unknown, so don't get your hopes up as even the most hardened artists can crumble on evils bay. It is not about the quality of your work it is about the market and the buyers

I was wondering what your nursery name is as I see you added Reborn artist to your sig but buyers will be unable to find you as there is no actual link or nursery name.
Congratulations on your first sale you are on your way.

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Andama Dujon

The Guild of Essex Craftsmen always told us to add up every single penny,
then double it, that would incude the cost of your table at a show, if not at
a show then add 60%.
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I sold my first babies on eBay only for what they cost me + eBay fees. And they sold very quickly.

I don't use auctions, I use fixed price listings, and have managed to be paid immediately after the buyer commits to buy. This means they can't buy my baby unless they pay (so, no more fake buyers for me). As simple as that, but to be able to do this, I had to change my eBay account to professional and also my PayPal account. Now I feel safe to sell on eBay. Wink

Andrea Melo
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I really wish selling reborns was a bit more profitable.. or maybe, that they were less expensive to produce.

Generally, when I sell paintings I sell them for double the cost of materials+framing + between 100-400 for the hours spent - which depends on the size of course.

Perhaps something similar could be done with reborns... maybe a bit more modestly that $400, unless it is a commission and somebody has asked for something particularly time consuming?
The problem is there are so many people bashing them out for £60, unless you are a really well-known or talented artist, people don't want to pay any more than that. What they don't seem to understand is that there is a world of difference in standards. It's a shame but there you are. I've seen people on Ebay with 30 or 40 listed - now either they are mostly the same baby but dressed and photographed differently, or they must bash them out like a robot, because I honestly can't see how they can be very good if they are churning that many out.
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

i've seen the ones they churn out & theres not a lot of detail in the painting process really,they then dress them & hey-presto! a"reborn" baby?
maureen xxx
Is it beneficial to list a baby with a "reserve"? It seems that the baby should be listed with the starting price being the reserve price? Do fees differ?
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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