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I am so frustrated! When I first started posting here I had a miscarriage, now I think I might finally be pregnant again, but I am not getting any positive tests. I have no signs of getting my monthly visitor though. On top of all that I've got a bad uti that I think might have spread to my kidneys because my back is killing me. I'd love to take a vicodin and sleep, but unfortunately I don't know if I'm pregnant. So frustrated
I think you should go to the doctors. You need antibiotics for a uti and if it's spread to the kidneys it can actually damage them. Tell the doctor while you're there and he can do a pregnancy test for you in his office. All the best.
I agree with Judy... go to the Drs asap... have all the tests and fingers crossed you are with child! I am crossing all my fingers and toes for you!
HuGs KiM
I agree also and remember to keep us posted

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Andama Dujon

You really need to go to the doctors hun, you can't take any chances, x x
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Don't feel too bad because vicodin doesn't help with pain anyways.
Doctors appointment is needed urgently- I hope all will be well
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Good luck with everything!
Update? Good News?
HuGs KiM
Haha! It's so funny that this popped up again! Trying to get pregnant has been a rollercoaster experience. We try and try and nothing. We will know around the very end of the month, as I ovulated early this week, if we are expecting a baby!


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