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Possibly dumb questions!
I know nothing of pricing for reborns. I found a sculpt that I really like. It's the sugar and honey kits, I like the sleeping one the best. (Just like tinytreasures' Jordan, he's so adorable lol) Do you guys know how much it would be to reborn one? I noticed on some websites that they charge you for extras. I'd like a soft body with whatever limbs the kit come with. I'd want him to have blond hair and maybe a pacifier. I'd like him to be 4 pounds or more. I'd like a baby that looks like William Scully Tongue (Pictured above)

I'm wondering how and where to get one at a good price. I'd like to pay no more than 200-250 as I'm on a tight budget. I don't know if that's reasonable or not lol

Any advice would be appreciated Smile

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Im sure Plenty artists on this site would reborn you a Honey or Sugar kit for £200-£250
I wouldnt mind doing you one for £250 plus P&P I am in the uk so postage could be steep to Austrailia or USA
Im sure you will get more offers, I have charged £300 for my last few reborns which is the lower end of the price range for them
By all means take a look at my babies on my website while your waiting for more replies
Judy xx
Thanks for your response Judy. Your babies are very lovely but I forgot to mention I meant 250$ canadian lol. 250 pounds is about 500 canadian dollars. I'm sure they're worth every penny though Smile I'll think about it and see if I can get my husband and parents to pitch in as my birthday is coming up in a month.
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Hi Caroline
I have recently bought sugar and honey kits that i got at a good price so could probably make one for you for about that price. Last I checked the Aussie and Canadian dollar were pretty close but i don't know about postage costs. They are the next two I am going to start. I just have to finish my entry for the Ethnic reborn comp.I also have another waiting for hair not that there is any rush on that one. It may take me a little while as I am at work full time but if you are interested we can chat further your welcome to email or PM me.
I am partial to blondies with blue eyes (probably has something to do with my daughters) Lol. William Scully is very cute.

Ahhh Caroline William Scully is absolutely beautiful. I would offer to make you a Jordan of your own but am packing up to return to South Africa in 3 weeks time so my time is not my own at the moment.

Sure you will get some one that will make you a beautiful baby boy.

Hugs Chantell xxx
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Thanks for all the help guys Smile
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You most welcome.

Hugs Chantell xxx
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Hi, We are getting a custon baby to look like me when I was a newborn from this lady
I don't know if the link will work, she's not doing any ATM but will be soon I would say, you can always email her Big Grin
just thought I would post for you.Stork
Our mice Mini and Mickey
[Image: clairesbabybook023-2.jpg]
Our dogs Isabelle and Jesse
[Image: Mikaelasphotos2004-2.jpg]
Thanks I'll take a look ^_^
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