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Pleased to meet you
Hi all, my name is Aliki Kruger, I live in South Africa and first started reborning in April of 2012. I am totally hooked and spend most of my time, researching, making and cuddling reborn dolls.

I have made 30 dolls to date, busy with number 31 and 32 at the moment. I am happy to be fully booked with my dolls 'till March of 2014, but have decided for my own sanity to only make dolls ready for adoption after that.

My first reborn was made from the Nico Legler kit, oh how I adore his face Smile My ultimate favourite kit is the Tanya sculpt (one of Nico's sisters), but have been looking for her kit forever. Lucky for me, Tanya's sister Livia made her appearance and have helped me cope Wink

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better, please tell me more about yourself Smile
Welcome to baby banter and you are a busy person making all those dolls in less than 2 years, wow. I look forward to seeing some of them

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Andama Dujon

Hi, and welcome to BB forums. Looking forward to seeing your babies. Wink

Andrea Melo
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Reborn Babies
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Bonecas Realistas
Welcome to Baby Banter xx
Hugs Katrina xox

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Facebook:Blissful Kissables Katrina Shield
Welcome Aliki! Sounds like you stay plenty busy ... please share photos of your babies with us.
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Hi Aliki and welcome to baby banter..look forward to seeing your babies and getting to know you more Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

Wow you have been busy, you really are hooked on it. Would love to see some pictures of you babies, Cathy, x
[Image: 1152e2aa-16c0-41a6-b8d8-7a99150a659a_zps405f46c4.jpg]
Thank you all for your warm welcome, means the world to me Smile

Here are my last few babies, hope you like them...

[Image: 004_zpsdeb6bf13.jpg]

[Image: 010_zpsaec0d9ac.jpg]

[Image: 064_zps84ded283.jpg]

[Image: Pretoria-20121110-01216_zps667409aa.jpg]''

[Image: 060_zpsc1dc2bab.jpg]
Beautiful looking babies.

The photo were too big for here so I re-sized a few of them, here is a link to the tutorial on sizing photos for here

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Oh Aliki, your babies are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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