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we have fixed the problems with this site however my email is down as it is connected to andama galleries which I had taken off line this morning and my email will not be back online until it is transfered across to my blog tomorrow and as soon as it comes up again I will load the comp. If any of you have any more issues with baby banter just let me know.

We will also be doing a major upgrade which will take about 24 hours so baby banter will be taken off line for that period of time. This is a $1000 upgrade to bring the site up to a more usable level so we will list the competition for 7 days then we will take banter off line after the winners have been announced.

Sorry that this will take the site down but it will be faster to use and to load on when it comes back up. These upgrades need to be done every couple of years and this one is over due.

I have shut down my e-commerce site (Andama Galleries) for good and have started the transfer to The Baby Maker which is also going to be upgraded at the same time as Banter.
The Baby maker is a blog and is easier to use and to load photos on and get thousands more hits than the e-commerce site and it has become very popular so I now sell from there and for those who are interest blogs work better for traffic.

Okay so thats it sorry about the site issues

I am pretty busy with making dolls and things so I am turning down orders now so am opening a new section on the Baby Makers site where I will add Baby Banter artists who I am happy to recommend allowing visitors to click straight through to your pages and will load your works that you post on Banter.

dolly hugs Andi
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Andama Dujon

Good luck with the upgrade, Andama. Smile

Andrea Melo
Reborn Dolls
Reborn Babies
Bebés Reborn
Bonecas Realistas
Wow !! Loads going on Smile
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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Thanks for the update. Hope the upgrade goes well.
Looking forward to seeing the competition babies! I am glad I don't have your headaches to deal with! I have enough other distractions!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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I couldn't get on Baby Banter earlier but I see it is now working. Is the comp going to be loaded now?
I have had the webgod working on the site this weekend as I also have not been able to get on until now. I will be loading the photos this evening if the site stays up lol
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Andama Dujon

wow loads going on and keeping you as busy as ever, but know you love, like the rest of us, being busy, thats what keeps us going. Hope all goes well with the changed over
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