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Plans for the year
I was wondering what everyone's plans were for 2018, I know we seem to get busier as we get older although I am not sure why lol

My main hope is

to get my my house sorted out before the winter although even getting it tidied would be a breakthrough at the moment lol

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Andama Dujon

It would be good to get tidier but almost impossible when there are so many lovely fabrics about lol.   I have lost my 2nd crochet cotton seller in Paris, they are no longer going to stock the ones I love to work with, I sent in a large order only to receive a substitute which is not what I want to work with, so have asked them yet again to let me know where I can return it to for a refund, as I had not asked to have an alternative.   Thats the second source I have lost in the last year,  getting harder and harder to find good crochet cotton, I was paying £11.25 a ball but she has decided to retire.  

I am at present working on a special outfit for a reborner who will be working on a proto type kit very soon, feel honoured, its to be in crochet mainly.   Also an order for booties, jackets and bonnets, so very busy.    Along with trying to get stuff ready for the doll show thats in four weeks time.     It has not helped that I have had severe sciatica for over a month now, its always there, but at times get so painful, plus last weekend, for the first time, Gout, cannot says which is the most painful as they are both so painful at the same time, which has laid me up a bit as just cannot sew in the mornings, so all behind.

February is going to be a better month for me thats for sure, will hopefully be able to catch up somewhat if the pain slows up.   We now go away for a little break every month, for 2/4 nights, which we are both enjoying,  getting to see our own country makes a change.  We have planned the first 6 months, just the last 6 to work on soon.
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Our plans are to NOT start any projects this year!!! HAHAHA

We always say we are not going to start something big and then
chuck will get a bee in his bonnet and there we go!!!

Last summer he turned the upper tool shed/mower garage into a workshop....and
wore me out in the process.

SOOOO....this year I want to play in the pool a little more and not work as much!!!!
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I have just managed this year to pass my driving test !! [Image: clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon.gif] So lots more freedom, however it has cost me a small fortune in lessons and now I have a small loan ( from a friend ) to pay back for my lovely little car I bought, so lots of dolls to make and sell to cover that !!! Have had a rough end to last year and still carrying on into this year as my dear little sister has been diagnosed with bowel cancer .. It has been removed and she is on her 3rd of 12 chemo sessions but it's so tough on her, she went to hospital last week and has only just come out as she became so ill ... she's only 34 and has 4 kids 2 with CF [Image: crying-fountain.gif]
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

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Oh Kate - prayers for your younger sister's healing! Congratulations on getting a drivers license. I think most 16 year olds in the USA get their license to practice driving at 15 1/2 so they can take the test on their 16th Birthday! Enjoy your new found freedom.
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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Thanks Pia, it's up and down with my sister but right now she is up, so that's good She has just had her 4th round of chemo out of 12 ... I've only just passed my driving test but I'm 44 !!!!! It was quite scary sitting in the test waiting room with all the youngsters lol
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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