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Places to buy in UK
Shy I'm new to all this does anyone know where to buy reborns in Scotland or on the internet ??
please help

lots of love
I am not sure about buying in EUROPE but I do know there is a place in Australia who sells on line and whom I personally use a lot. and I am pretty sure she will be able to help you. Good luck Emma
Cheers Andama
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Andama Dujon

Greetings Emma,
I was wondering if you were looking at buying the molds to reborn yourself or the actual finished doll. Let me know and I should be able to help you.
If your drop into the chat room at Andama Galleries I am usually on line so will be able to help you direct if you wish.

Regards Andama
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Andama Dujon

Welcome Emma,

I'm not sure on buying reborns in Scotland but if you find out anything please post it here so others who are looking for similar may be helped.
I mean the usual place is e-bay but gee sometimes the prices are just so high.

I wish you luck let us know how you go
All the best
sorry i wouldn't have a clue about any places in Scotland that sell reborns, i think your best bet is ebay, and just searching for people through google, but if anyone know's on people selling reborns in the london area let me know Tongue
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Hi...anyone know where I could buy one in the Manchester area...thanks...x
Geri Wrote:Hi...anyone know where I could buy one in the Manchester area...thanks...x

Hi Geri,
A big welcome.
The baby Banter is situated in Australia.
I would love to be able to help you but I dont know of any in Manchester area.
Perhaps someone here could help you.
Have you tried E-bay ?

All the best
Hi Ladies,
Just did a little research and have found this website.....

I have never personally bought anything from them but you can have a look and perhaps it could help you all.......

All the best
Hi, I am new here :-)
I am a reborner and I am based in Perth Scotland. I also know of a reborner in Dundee and also Aberdeen.
My website is I have a links page for other UK based reborners too.
There's not many of us in most are based in England
I also sell secrist and bountiful baby reborning supplies via my ebay store although my stock is low at the moment as I am due to go on holiday next week.
Well I have been busy today checking out your site and all the links,
I am sure our members will love doing the same.
Thankyou for your post and we hope you drop by again.
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Andama Dujon


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