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Big Grin 
Hello! How are you guys?
I am LilKeiko, I live in Canada and I am new to the Reborn world.
Long story short, I had 'baby fever' for a long time and unable to have kids, I discovered the reborn hobby. At first, I was unsure if owning a reborn would work for me. I decided to do little steps and started with an Ashton Drake doll to see how everything 'clicked'. I read many mixed reviews concerning Ashton Drake but thought I would give it a try. I stumbled upon a little orangutan doll named Umi. For me it was the perfect match. I had loved primates since I was a child. So I decided to start with her. I ordered her and the moment I held her in my arms... was amazing. Since then, she soothe me and helps me with my anxieties. I am unsure if I fit on this forum since my little cutie is an ape and not human? But I wanted to share my experience anyway!
Thank you Smile
Hello, and welcome to Baby Banter Forums! Smile

Andrea Melo
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A very warm welcome to the forum
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Thanks a lot Amelo1969 and Threads! Smile
Hi there!!

Welcome to BB!!
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Thank you Cherielynn09 Smile
When I was about 8 years old, I got a BIG "Zippy" chimp stuffed toy for Christmas or birthday! It was my ALL TIME favorite toy! The other kids played with dolls and I had Zippy. He could wear real clothes - probably about 9-12 month size. You are welcome on the forum. There are monkey kits that you can purchase and Reborn your own! MacPhersons has some by Amy Cox and I think that Bountiful Baby has some too! (I love that you love your chimp)!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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Welcome to Baby Banter LilKeiko Your little Umi is very cute and being silicone he will feel lovely too.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm very happy to 'meet' you all. You are all so sweet and kind. Smile

Hello Pia! Your story made me smile. Alright, I will check them out. Although, creating a monkey seems harder then a normal baby. Rerooting a head looks challenging enough, I can't imagine a whole set of limbs, hehe. Your kind words make my day! Thank you

Thanks a lot kiwiserenity! Smile
Hello and welcome to our group Smile
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

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