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Paris, France
We drove over to France via the channel tunnel train, and spent a couple of days in Paris, I had wanted to visit a yarn shop that stocked the yarn I used to buy in the South of France when on holiday, its like gold dust to buy and the shopkeeper told hubby that they were selling off the yarn as they could no longer buy any more from the manufacturer, which is a pity as it is lovely cotton.  I bought all they had of the yarn I wanted, so was happy.  Selling off did not mean a reduction in price though, unfortunately.  Pic of hubby outside the shop

We would have stayed longer but I had a phone call from the specialist to say that my doctor had requested an urgent appointment to try and sort out my leg and back problem, which just goes to prove she heard me last month, when I was having a go about lack of funding for the old people, those that had paid in all their working years, its not right that the young get the money spent on them when they have not paid a penny in !!    Typical of the young they want it all - like yesterday - no wonder they are called " snowflakes" in this country.  The newspaper named them not me

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Its the simple things that make so much difference in our lives and how cool was it that you got all that yarn. Congratulations

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Andama Dujon


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