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Paris born last night!
Here is my latest little gal... Love this kit... and wow the MB brushes make all the difference when painting hair... now just have to work out how to clean them without killing them... sigh. Have a look and see what you think.
[Image: Paris8KiM_zpsd57b84f0.jpg]

[Image: Paris1KiM_zps4120170a.jpg]

[Image: Paris7KiM_zps10d5d182.jpg]

[Image: Paris6KiM_zps3c304353.jpg]

[Image: Paris4hairKiM_zps55c6a43f.jpg]

[Image: Paris5KiM_zps8746a6af.jpg]

[Image: Paris3hairKiM_zps47b57c42.jpg]
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
She is adorable and the painted hair looks great!!!! What are MB brushes?
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]
Miricle blend air dried brushes ( not sure if they would ork on GHSP) they store the paint in the handle and have synthetic bristles... So good to use! No stopping to reload the brush
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
wow she is beautiful - the hair looks amazing
Wow, the hair looks great!
[Image: JennSignature_zps95d05e15.jpg]
Brilliant work Kym - you've come along in leaps and bounds. I don't normally like painted hair so much but you have done an excellent job there.
She is adorable and a credit to you.
Love her, great job of the hair!!
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Aww thanks peps... I am a little stunned and humbled at the response to my Paris.. I have had her on FB and already have someone wanting to buy her (she is not for sale... atm) I am yet to sell one... Maybe time to start! AS for painted hair I am not a fan but hate the way the hair looks amazing in the ebay pix and after the water and conditioner wears off it never looks as good... so thought I would give painting a shot... I think mixing the 2 together is the best idea best of both worlds!
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
Well I think she is stunning and beautiful hair !! Those brushes sound really good too, I'm thinking of giving air dry paints a go soon Smile
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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