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Painting with heat set paints
I agree with Andama far to much paint or matt varnish if the paint on the head cracked. You will need to strip it back .
When using GHSP make sure the Paints are mixed very watery.. the flesh should look thin and milky, apply many coats rather than on thick coat
Goggle the address below and you will find lots of free tutorials in their 'Free instructions'
Worth a peek. Good luck!
I guess there is nothing that can be done. The paint must have been to thick. I would need to strip him to fix it.

I used the thinning medium and it is just way to thick. I have invested in a large bottle of mineral spirits!

I read that some artists use alcohol to mix their paints? Has anyone heard of this? I would only clean my brushes this way. I would think alcohol would destroy your work.

My first completed reborn baby! I sure love this kit.

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I would not put alcohol in your paint! Alcohol is used to remove paint (ie: cleaning brushes, removing paint from small sections, etc.).
When I use varnish on a baby I usually use the satin (ghsp) but when I use either matt or satin I don't put it on the head if I am going to root. Just do the face up to the hairline and keep the varnish extremely thin. Sorry this happened to you.
You can use GHSP after air dry but not the other way round as GHSP has oil in it which stops the air dry adhering to the vinyl. For this reason I wouldn't use it on the doll's head you have just done even if stripped as it could still have traces of oil on it. Also don't use the same brushes as you did for GHSP as it doesn't matter how much you clean them you cannot completely remove the oil from them. Hope this is helpful. I also agree with Lynn about not varnishing the part you are going to root.
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Thank you all very much for your help!
[Image: 1000pxHarley_zps0f6750e1.jpg][Image: 1000pxHarley2_zps2c524ac0.jpg]
I don't think it was the paint that was too thick, I think it is the matt varnish that is the problem. I've just read another well known artist who has just found on her doll the matt varnish cracked taking off the paint with the varnish.

You did a lovely job on your first reborn, she is a sweetie and the Harley kit is so nice to paint and root.
Thank you! I absolutely love this kit. I have another one I will be starting soon. I am not using the matte any more. I do think it was the matte as well that caused the problem. He looked great until I used it.

I am using a fine glass bead to fill my babies. I have read that professionals use the ultra fine glass. Any advice on this one? I really like the feel of the fine glass beads in the babies, but was wondering if the ultra fine is better? Also, is the ultra fine the same as the sand blasting glass beads? They seem to be much cheaper in price. I only worry about the grain being to small and making the babies to heavy.
[Image: 1000pxHarley_zps0f6750e1.jpg][Image: 1000pxHarley2_zps2c524ac0.jpg]
I use glass beads in the BT-3 size BT-1 is the largest sandblasting bead, but difficult to find. I use the glass beads in the limbs and seal them. I place some in a stocking and double or triple it to use in the head. I sew a tube shaped bag out of dense polyester knit for the body and I use polypellets and glass beads to get the weight I want. I have used just knee highs in the body (at ,east double), but some dust would get through so i now use a polyester bag.
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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