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Outings with William
As some of you may know, my husband is away in England until his papers get approved. It was quite a lonely Christmas for me. I find comfort in William and my ferrets.

We have this tradition, that on Christmas Eve we got visit my grandparents at their house, open gifts and then go eat out. I dressed William in a nice outfit and his bear snowsuit and took him with me. They probably thought I was losing it but I don't care. The first man of the house couldn't be there, so I took the second one Tongue
They took turns holding him and when I went to the restaurant I took him in, but hid him in my backpack. As we were going out I took him out, but no one noticed he wasn't real so I didn't get bothered Tongue

I wouldn't be embarassed to take him out if I had other girls and their reborns with me. It would be quite fun!

My friend at work wanted to see William because she wants to knit him a hat. When I called my dad to come pick me up, I asked him to bring William wrapped in a blanket so the snow wouldn't go on him. It was funny because I went outside the store when I saw my dad park, so he wouldn't have to bring the bub in. But he insisted on coming inside and wouldn't let go of William Tongue He said he was getting some practice for when I have kids. My friend was amazed at how real he looked and felt!

As we left, a lady parked next to us and gave me the weirdest look. I realized it was because I was holding the baby in one hand, and he didn't have a snowsuit, just a blanket and it was pretty cold outside! She must have been thinking "What a bad mom! She doesn't even have a carseat for him!"

Maybe my grandparents are right and I'm due for a real baby Tongue Oh well, at least this one lets me sleep all I want!
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Yeah Caroline maybe time for a real addition to your family lol the way they treat William Im sure they would be over the moon and spoil your first born to bits
Until it happens if sweet William brings you comfort and makes you Happy nothing wrong with that, you do spoil him he has some super clothes lucky boy but he is a sweetie after all and soooooooo good !!!
lol Caroline sounds like William has become quite the adventurer. Yes it sounds like its time for a real one but gee sleeping whenever you want is soo tempting lol.

It is probably time for a real one but my boss said no LOL She also said something about me talking about it so much that when my hubby came back she'd have to put stuff in his food so he wouldn't be fertile anymore... Isn't it nice to know that you can't be spared at work? XD

I love my boss she's funny Tongue
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]

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