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Old spoons and forks
I am sooooooo doing this when I move and what a great way to use old forks and spoons

[Image: Screenshot2014-02-10at85834PM_zps3d6c8d49.png]

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I love the design of this one! I have seen chimes from silverware before, but not a fisherman!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
[Image: 2b936076-674d-40a5-a66e-6a92444980ca_zpsd3072c0f.jpg]
That is sooo cool, I have to try it! I remember years ago at a festival, there was a guy selling chimes/suncatcher combos made from cutlery, the tines of the forks were curled round and there were the solid-glass coloured marbles set into them, I adored them. They were too expensive for me at the time but I have always hankered after doing one....
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

Woah that is really creative, my grandmother use to do nice hanging chimes with old spoons but not like this haha xx
Wow what a cool idea!
Hugs Katrina xox

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Facebook:Blissful Kissables Katrina Shield

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