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Nursery Name and Getting To Know Some Of You!
Hi everyone!
i am trying to come up with a name for my reborn nursery, but I can't think of any good ones Sad I could only think of one good one, little peanuts nursery, but I want to hear some other suggestions before i fully decide on it. Please feel free to let me know any suggestions you might have.

On a separate note i also want to get to know some reborn mommies on here and maybe we could private chat about our babies and things like that! I am kind of new to the reborn community as I only started being an active member of it in May. (that's when i got my first baby) I am looking forward to maybe hearing from some of you and I hope maybe I can make some friends on here! Anyways I hope you guys have a great day or night (depending on when you are reading this) Bye![/font]
You will find a nursery name that works for you just check and see that no one else uses or owns it. Little Peanut nursery is used by lots of companies.

The thing to remember is using a name that says what you do so if you are making reborns then include the word in the name.

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Andama Dujon

Good advice Andama. Little Peanut Nursery belonged to a reborner from a forum I belonged, her name was Kerri and sadly she passed away from cancer. The best way to check if a nursery name is available is to google it and see what comes up.
You, and only you can decide on your nursery name. Mine is Babies Nest Nursery, because at the time I started reborning, I was also breeding canaries, and I have a lot of love for birds, so, NEST. In my opinion, it has to be something that has to do with you and what you love. Besides, if you want to turn it on a business, you might think about something that could 'catch' the customers eyes. Wink

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Hi and welcome to the forum, lots of lovely ladies on here for sure.

A name is something personal, and as previously stated google it to see you are
not copying someone else. I took a long while thinking up a name for my clothing that I crochet and sew - thread means cloth as well as sewing cotton or knitting/crochet yarn,I make for babies so Tots came up, I sat and put a few words down until I got it right - try that, put a few words down that are personal to you or it could be something simply like Coneil's babies - Coneil's little ones play around with some words
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Hi. I'm not a reborner but I am as my username says am a werepup momma. If you'd like to talk about babies with me, I'm all ears.

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