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New to Reborns
I don't officially have a reborn baby yet, but I do have Riley, the reborn puppy from the Princess Pug Sculpt by Denise Pratt. The artist that made him is Barbra Decker.

Here is a collection of pictures from my most recent photoshoot with him.

[Image: rfKekUil.jpg]
[Image: Q356E2Pl.jpg]
[Image: G8iBCifl.jpg]
[Image: ID7Sreul.jpg]
[Image: EWPm0Bhl.jpg]
[Image: girZVn8l.jpg]

I am completely in love with this boy!

I am also expecting a reborn baby to arrive in mid November, and this is her:

I also am saving up for a toddler reborn, but that could be up to a year in the future, sadly. Eventually, though!
Hi there!!

Welcome to the forum!!

Your little puppy is adorable!!

Also congrats on expecting the arrival of your new baby!!!

Please post us pictures when she/he arrives!!!
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]
I love the photos and of course I have a real pug so I am rather partial to them lol

Thanks for sharing the photos and I look forward to seeing your new arrival

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry it took me so long to get back here.

My reborn baby arrived, but before she did, I showed my mom pictures of Masterpiece Dolls and she decided we needed one, so in the below picture you can see Jasmine the Masterpiece doll and Lilac our reborn.

[Image: tJY6lCb]
(hopefully the picture works. If not, the image is here )

We also took Lilac and Jasmine on a trip to see my grandparents and my grandmother fell in love with holding Lilac. So we ordered a reborn for her as a christmas present.

No pictures currently, but she's adorable. Small issue of the artist used an incorrect body for her, but that's an easy enough fix. We will be getting the proper body and then bringing her to my grandmother.

Also, I ordered a prepainted/prerooted gorilla reborn kit from Bountiful Baby and put it together last night. For my first reborn assembly, I think it went well. She is perfectly weighted for my preference. Pictures are still on my phone, so I can't post them, but she is the Pearl kit and looks like every other prepainted one, so nothing special. I love her, though!

My mom and I hope to start painting reborn kits ourselves soon, just for fun. Not to sell. Just waiting on some paint to arrive before we can start. I'll be making animal reborns such as puppies from the Princess Pug kit, apes, and maybe even pigs. My mom already has a reborn baby kit she is excited to get started on.
Your little pug is adorable and congratulations on your first reborn and your Masterpiece doll. I look forward to seeing your animal creations when you do them.
Your little puppy is adorable!
I like your masterpiece doll also and thanks for posting the photos

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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