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new BB Toddlers
I am not a lover of the older kits either. Don't think I will bother.
Glad to see I am not alone!! I wouldnt mind trying Tibby, I think she has some potential, but I will give the rest a miss.
I don't care for the pouty one I wouldn't want to look at that face all the time I was doing it. Tibby is cute and the one with the teeth looks like he just got new dentures. LOL!
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
No, I definitely don't like the one with the teeth.

We don't stop laughing because we grow old,
We grow old because we stop laughing.

The one that scares me the most is the one about to cry. Followed by the one with obvious dentures. o_O
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
hrrmmm can't say i like any of them really ... and i am normally a huge fan of melissas work but I really don't like how tibby it done way to pale with the pale hair skin and eyes and the blushing around the eyes she looks spooky
hugs gayle
None of them are my cup of tea


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