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Never Leave your reborn in the car!
I was on my way to deliver a baby and stopped at Walgreens to run in and get a little stuffed toy to go with her. I had her wrapped up and laying in the front seat. When I came back out there was an elderly woman standing by my Passenger car window dialing her phone. I walked to my car door and said hi. She began to yell at me "I can't believe you left your baby in the car it is cold...," I interupted her saying "Mam, it's not my baby its..." She then interupted me screaming "I don't care whos baby it is you are going to jail!" She continued dialing her phone. It took several minutes of trying to get a word in edgewise and taking the baby out and half undressing her before the lady understood it was not real! She still did not seem to be very happy but she hung up the phone and went along her way. I now have a car seat and never leave the babies in the car if I have to stop somewhere in route to deliver I take them in! I have actually gotten a few more sales that way. Probably have raised a few eyebrows too though when I tell them it's a doll. Smile
too funny,

I have been pulled over by the police for having a baby on the front seat and of course it was a truck driver who reported me as he could see down into the front seat. The good thing about that is that people do actually care enough to report us ROFL

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

That is funny xx must say something about the quality of your work that she was so convinced!!! :-)
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

I got stopped by the cops as I had one of my dolls in an unrestrained baby bassinet. Thank goodness the cops saw the funny side of things.
I leave mine in a car seat if I have to nip into a shop but I do put a note on it saying, don't worry I'm not real lol
I would have been quite pleased with myself if one of mine caused a stir like that lol
I was flattered after the fact but the stares she was attracting were slightly embarrassing at the time LOL. I like the idea about the note I might have to do that.

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