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never answer the front door...
with a reborn head in one hand and a rooting tool in the other......
lets just say I think the charity collector is still in therapy
HAHA I can imagine lol x
lol i have often answered the door with a limb and a paint brush and 2 or 3 brushes stuck in my hair the delivery guys are so used to it by now they ask who are you working on now or they say "whos in the box today" (refering to what they are delivering)
hugs gayle
I get that from the delivery man as well and he even calls me by name now because he is here so often lol.
When I am not home he goes around the back of the house and up my stairs opens the gate and leaves the parcel on one of my chairs on the deck which is so nice considering he doesn't have to do it as he could jut leave a note in the box telling me to go to the post office.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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