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Neutralizing kits
Not all kits are the same color. There are orange, pink, gray kits, to mention a few.

So, what you should you do, when you buy a kit and it is not that natural skin color you expected?

Here are some tips that may help you. Wink

In order to neutralize the kit, try to look at a color wheel. You need to find the color that is more like the kit color, and then look at the opposite color, in the wheel. Use this color to neutralize it. You must apply very thin layers (washes) to the kit, till you are satisfied with its color - which needs to be as similar as possible to the natural skin color.

See an example below:

[Image: color_wheel_zps5b14b388.gif]

If you have an orange kit, you should neutralize it with blue paint.
If you have a pink one, you should neutralize it with green.
A cold (gray) kit can be warmed up with yellow ochre.

Very very thin layers, a watery consistency, don't forget it. Wink

You probably will need some layers of the kit's opposite color, in order to achieve the expected result. Be patient or you can ruin your kit. You don't need to bake it at every layer. Apply the 'wash' and then let it dry. Then you can apply the other layer.

You don't need to buy a color wheel. If you search the net for "color wheel", you will find many available on-line. Just keep the link and click on it every time you need to neutralize the kit.

Andrea Melo
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Thanks for the tutorial Andrea it is great

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

thank you Andrea, that will help a lot of ladies.
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Thanks heaps for doing the tutorial Andrea, its great and Im sure will be a lot of help Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

Thanks Andrea that will be a great help to lots of ladies im sure xx
Thanks Andrea, that's so helpful.
Jayne xx
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Thank you very much! [/size]

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