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My Sweet Pea
Now Poppy (hopefully If I have added photos correctly!-partly why it's taken me so long to show any babes!)
[img][Image: IMG_9576_zpsabca3ab0.jpg][/img]

[img]http://[Image: IMG_9772_zpse1f7e9fc.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: IMG_8297_zpsf8c2326e.jpg][/img]
She is a sweet pea... love the hair... how long have you been reborning... BOL with the auction!
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
Beautiful, love her hair! Those toes are pretty adorable too!
[Image: JennSignature_zps95d05e15.jpg]
Thank you, I need luck with the auction ebay isn't what it use to be!
I started reborning in 2005! But had a very long break (about 6yrs!) and started again last year. A lot has changed! and getting use to new paints etc Had to do a lot of catch up and still am!
Good to see you are back in full swing again with a lovely bub. I too love how you have created the 'swirl'. I'm still working on that. It will all come together one day....I hope!
BOL with e bay too.
Wow so only about 3 years... Hope I can do hair that good in 3 years... Love it!
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
Shes a real beauty and lovely Micro rooting xx BOL with her auction xx
Ohhh...she is SOOO cute!!!
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]
Thank you x
need luck ebay is not what it use to be! Have just covered costs on one I sold. I new I wouldn't get anywhere near what I use to but I didn't expect to get messages asking to sell for £40! I need to find another place to sell in Dubai!
Beautiful baby and the hair is perfection

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