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My pets! And family! <3

Panther my latest addition! Panther is a big loveable cat I adopted from the SPCA, he's my cuddle bug. (Better pic coming soon!)
[Image: 28smq3d.jpg]

Ginger, she's my little naughty cat you can pet her, but she doesn't like to be held.
[Image: 29kvodc.jpg]

Jeremiah, he's my buddy he loves to sit on your shoulder.
[Image: 29oocaa.jpg]

Ada my German Shepherd, she loves attention, she's my big baby. Please look over her though, she's shedding.
[Image: 2q1dnc1.jpg]

My mini lop eared rabbit Robin Hood, he's the kindest most gentle rabbit I've ever been privileged to meet, plus he's litter trained.
[Image: fmniwg.jpg]

Just some of my flock because I have so many. I have over 40 chickens, 1 rouen duck, 1 indian runner duck, 1 muscovy duck, and 1 khaki campbell duck, 2 turkeys, 4 guinea fowl, and a male n female buff geese pair.
[Image: 2czolya.jpg]

My baby girl <3 She just turned one![Image: b3wv15.jpg]
They all look cute what I can see of them, but the pics are too small for my eyes. Pics are allowed to be up to 600 pixels
I'm sorry I made em too small
They look great and thanks for sharing

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Thanks Andama Smile
What a nice family!
Thanks a lot Smile, I'll have to upload some bigger ones soon. Smile
Pics coming soon! I'm excited to announce I just bought 2 Turkeys, 4 more chickens, and 4 guineas birds to add to my flock. Smile They're all still young, I can't wait until their colors come out more.
2 Turkeys
[Image: 29n9iis.jpg]

4 Chickens
[Image: zwbav.jpg]

4 Guineas
[Image: 16i5vn5.jpg]

Aren't they cute?!
Aww, they're so sweet!

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