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My pets!
So my hobbies other than dolls (I collect all kinds, not just reborns Smile ) is Animals! I'm Autistic and animals has always been my special interest.

[Image: 7fnr5Z9.jpg?1]
Ivy, my Chinese Dwarf Hamster

[Image: W0BrgZZ.jpg]
Effie, my Albino African Pygmy Hedgehog

[Image: o2t5GXB.jpg]
Ellis, my Double White Champagne Pinto African Pygmy Hedgehog

[Image: QySmbFL.jpg]
Error, my Chocolate Snowflake Pinto African Pygmy Hedgehog

[Image: j9e0afI.jpg?1]
Etna, who is coming home in three weeks, she's a Split Face Chocolate Pinto African Pygmy Hedgehog

[Image: WnkWPO5.jpg]
Spaghetti, my Western Hognose Snake

[Image: w5fHRYM.png]
Pixie, the Royal Python

[Image: pCjqony.jpg]
My boyfriends unnamed Royal Python

[Image: De28e9t.jpg]
Waffles, the Tokay Gecko

[Image: 7mH8XA9.png]
Marceline, my Tremper Albino Murphey's Patternless Leopard Gecko

[Image: LXPgnhk.jpg]
Aria, the High Yellow Leopard Gecko

[Image: R5Pnu4M.jpg]
Snivy, the Bearded Dragon

[Image: x08Cgwo.jpg?1]
Ralphie, the cat

[Image: t9uCmsL.png]
Tully, the cat

[Image: iaTNFX8.jpg?1]
Penny, the cat

[Image: mNoK7S2.jpg]
Pip, the cat

[Image: WQkFQhn.jpg]
Kevin, the cat

And last but not least...
[Image: pd9Q1Cu.jpg]
Cocoa, the Chilean Rose Tarantula
OMG, what a lot of pets!!!! How in the world do you keep up with them all? I would be so overwhelmed!! I've got to admit the little hamster and the hedgehogs are adorable. Good Luck with them all, I know what it's like to have pets so I wish them all long, healthy and happy lives!
I can't do snakes, my son had to settle for a turtle. Just when I thought Aww, kitties, you go and slap me with a giant hairy spider, haha! Thanks for sharing. Very cool to see the many different types of hedgehogs. I love cats, I have my little kitty named Bear that waits for me to go to bed and sleeps next to me every night.
[Image: JennSignature_zps95d05e15.jpg]
Wow you sure have a lot of pets! The hamster and hedgehogs are cute and the gekkos aren't too bad but I'd be scared of the snakes and no way could I live in the same house as that Tarantula, I'd be hysterical with terror.
I'm a huge snake fan personally! I think they're wonderful to cuddle Tongue
Love the comments! I like the kitties and hedge hog but can do without the reptiles. I know they need love and that's why you're their mommy.
OhMyGoodness...what alot of pets you have!!

My grandson is always catching snakes...but I STILL haven't adapted yet!!! LOL

I am more into the kitties and hedgehogs!!! MUCH more my mind at least!!! :+)
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]

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