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My grandma met Lucas...
Here's a quick little background story about me and my grandma: I have always liked to collect toys, plushies and dolls. She never approved, espcially as I passed the age of 12. Clearly she always thought I was wasting my money and being silly.

Anyways, last saturday I knew my grandparents were coming for supper to watch the wedding video. I decided to go shopping before they came. It took me a bit longer and when I came back they were already there along with my aunt. I said hi and went to my room to change Lucas. I had bought him a new outfit. I always try on his new outfits and show them to mom. Mom calls him "My big boy" Smile

So I go into the living room with Lucas and grin at mom. My grandma's eyes go wide open and she goes...


She commented on how nice and real he looked, and that he was heavy. And like a proud mom I was like "Yup, 4 lbs 19 inches! With daddy longlegs!" (Mr doesn't fit in newborn clothes, his legs are too long!)

All of that typing to say, that he spent an hour on her lap, while she sweet talked to him and played with his hands. I showed her my baby clothes collection and she was very impressed. She said I had a lot and I said that's okay because Lucas is gonna have a little brother soon. Nikki's making me my first reborn, I'm so excited! ^_^

I feel special, for once in my life I gained the approval of my grandma. One win for me! Big Grin
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haha, cool, My grandma is like that a bit. Big Grin
Our mice Mini and Mickey
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Our dogs Isabelle and Jesse
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awww how nice is that! I'm glad you happy you have your grandmas apporval with lucas! and I am sure when you recive the baby Nikki is making for you she will doubbly approve of him she will probably end up wanting one of her own! lol
it must be a grandmother thing lol mine very rarely approves of anything i do lol
hugs gayle
Kinda funny how a baby real or not can bring out the little girl in all of us.
I haven't had a grandmother since I was a young teen but I can't believe the things I learned from my Grammy Woods and didn't even realize I was learning like how to make braided rugs, how to knit a scarf or a hat and how to hand embroid I wish I had of had her around longer she could do all that kind of stuff. My Mum always said I got my craftiness from Gram.
I had an older lady the other day tell me she could hardly give one of my babies back. I let her jknow for a short fee she didn't have too. She laughed and said maybe her hubby would for CHRISTmas.
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Way to go Grandma!!

My Mum hasnt said much about my babies.... although I do think she would like one too as she collects dolls/toys and them dash musical plush toys!!
And Mum has asked how much my babies have cost, but I dont tell and I know my babies are on the cheap end of the scale lol!!

I'm so glad your Grandma liked Lucas so much. Hopefully his little brother won't be too far away. I've emailed you some pics of him so far, will give everyone else a sneak peak soon.

Haha I didn't want to tell my mom how much Lucas cost at first but she saw the bill when the mailman delivered him. It took her a couple of weeks to stop mentioning it Tongue

And I'm already in love with Lucas' little brother! ^_^
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Aww that's sweet!
my gran braught me my first one, she doesn't know I've ordered my secong, but last time I was gonna get one, she didn't really seem bothered like she did with Sarah (The reborn she got me).
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Little Jacob
That's a lovely story,
People think your crazy till they see how beautiful and lifelike these dolls are, I have had very similar reactions, people think you've lost the plot then they cuddle the babies talk to them and even give them a little kiss, Hey maybe were all mad. lol


We don't stop laughing because we grow old,
We grow old because we stop laughing.

Have you ever noticed the mad ones are usually the happiest here in this world. Know why...cause they don't care what everyone thinks. So with age I'm getting a little mad. ;-)
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