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My Girls :-)
KarenLynne are you leaving Australia in a couple of month. Now that is a really big thing , are you excited.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Hi Andama,

Yes, I'm heading off to England at the end of November! We have been over here for 3 years now and I always thought I would never get homesick ........ But I did!!!! I have had a wonderful time in Australia (apart from the Brisbane summers!!) and it will always have a special place in my heart. But, I really feel the time is right for me to go back and spend some time with my family.

It is a big decision to make as my hubby is staying for about another year due to work commitments. He will be coming over often, combining trips with work though. I'm hoping to come back next July and august while Dylan is on school hols.

So, my babies will have to be packed away soon :-(.

No doubt the next few months will be a bit of an emotional roller coaster for us all!!!

Karen xxx

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I just love my dolls!

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