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My Girls :-)
Well yesterday was physical therapy and shopping day with my girls, Tina and Glenda aka T and Nen.
So I get to go to help Yeah!!!
We go to therapy and the poor woman performing therapy on them was laughing at the 2 of them so hard she said she didn't know if she could do it. They are such characters and way too funny. Then I have to take them shopping and they are already wound up tighter than an 8 day clock. Oh ya for those of you who don't know they are 34 and 35 and both have muscular dystrophy (freidrich ataxia) with a life expectancy of 40 to 45. They are my sun, my rain, my breath and my life they have brought me through so much life has thrown at me. Ok now back to funny! So T is in her wheel chair and Nen is in the stores riding wheelchair (they can walk short distances but shopping is too much) anyways we are getting stuff and Tis doing coupons etc. (shop aholic) I go around the esle and these people come around laughing and I can hear the 2 of them carrying on over there so I go around the corner to tell them behave :-) like a good Mom should and here is Nen driving the motorized wheelchair and her fashion scarf around her waste and T behind her in her manual wheelchair holding the ends of the scarf and Nen is driving her around the store ROFL! well Nen goes to go around a corner and T is trying to grab stuff on end cap and don't realize it and it shoots her right past the else so Nen Hits the brakes and it stops so fast it spins T and about jerks her out of her wheelchair. The 2 of them sit there laughing so hard T about pee'd herself and EVERYONE in the store was going by saying "your having way too much fun" I bet most thought they were just 2 girls playing and not really handicap. But we get to the register and were laughing and having fun and about 3 registers girls were fighting over who was going to run us through becuase we were too funny and they wanted us :-). Well a day with them is always fun and full of adventure. Of course I was well behaved and proper! ROFL Haven't a clue where they get their personalities from but I'm thankful!
Just wanted to share now if they can laugh through their daily, hourly, pain and have ROFL fun shouldn't your day be oh so much fun! God Bless He sure has me.
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Sounds like you all had a great day !! its good to laugh & your girls are an inspiration to us all xx
The fun thing about reading that story was trying to visualise what your girls were up to. Sounds to me like you all had a fantastic day and thank you for sharing it with us as it made me smile.

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Andama Dujon

thank you for sharing that Judymae, you have given us all a gentle reminder to live life to the fullest and to try not to sweat the little stuff. Your girls sound like they are wonderful daughters/sisters/friends Smile

Oh Andama I wish I has had a camera it was a site T with her feet up on the back of Nen's Motor chair holding her scarf like reings and the 2 of them laughing going about. It was a site.
you know they are 10 months apart and couldn't be more like twins than if they were. They are too close sometimes :-D One leads and the other follows and the leader changes.
I just thought sharing a fun day with what I consider normal healthy children might be uplifting. Normal meaning enjoying every monute to it's fullest. Not saying they (we) don't have our moments when the reality all hits but they WILL be remembered for their laughter, fun and need to spread it.

Thank you ladies.
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Judymae your girls sound wonderful and so great to hear in spite of everything they still have a great sense of humour. Thanks for sharing, put a big smile on my face.

Warm regards,
Karen xx
Sounds like alot of fun!! Big Grin
Proud reborn mummy of Oscar & Abigail-Rose
Soon to be another??
^ Reborn Family pictures ^

Thanks and it was fun
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Hi Judymae,

Sounds like you have lots of fun whenever you are together :-) I miss doing funny things with my mum (and boy do we have a giggle and get up to mischief when we are together) like setting off all the Christmas moving and singing toys in a shop once!!!!

I do miss her so much as she lives in England and I'm in Australia, that is one of the reasons I'm moving back in November. Not having someone/something in your life for a long time makes you realise just how much you love them.

Enjoy every moment, time is precious :-)

Karen xxx
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I just love my dolls!
We have always been close and had fun but then they are nuts :-D I think now it's more fun as even though I'm still thier Mum the pressure is off. As long as they are happy and use good morals I don't say too much plus I have awesome son-in-laws which helps
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