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my family and Bella..............
When I got Bella, my mom was there with me when she arrived, she was impressed. My dad fell for her when he came home, and even held her. I also have a little neice that used to sit on the floor next to the baby in her carseat, and rock the carseat gently. My parents got a cat a year and a half ago, the cat would kiss people on their noses. One time, I held Bella close to the cat, to see what would happen. The cat even kissed Bella on her head!
Jackie of Heaven's Delight Nursery

My girls, Rose, CeeCee, sera, bella, and mariella
[Image: 302aa431-bba3-46eb-beed-176870f1862d_zpskcvarsrt.jpg]
Too cute, it's nice when everyone enjoys your Bub.
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Thats a lovely story.... everyone loves Bella even the cat xxx
Oh thats adorable! My dog does something similar with my babies.

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