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my area
I live in Murwillumbah New South Wales Australia and on the map I am the circle, I live half an hours drive from both the Gold Coast (surfers Paradise) and half an hour in the other direction is Byron Bay. We are a coastal are and we have a semi tropical climate with mild winters and really hot humid summers. Whales and dolphins play along our coast for months at a time and beaches are beautiful all year round

[Image: Screenshot2013-08-10at90355AM_zpsfc8f72c7.png]

[Image: 1098170_10151791839025909_1834824454_n_zpsf4509cd5.jpg]

[Image: 1012940_10151791839080909_408215547_n_zps0ac7bc70.jpg]

[Image: 1001115_10151785566525909_1580541672_n_zps0472351e.jpg]

[Image: 988677_10151785565365909_2083039858_n_zps5f2eba60.jpg]

[Image: 995141_10151785566110909_373169260_n_zps06ac219a.jpg]

[Image: 1000231_10151785564970909_134235205_n_zps80a3fa30.jpg]

[Image: 971433_10151791839055909_596136950_n_zps5faf9644.jpg]

[Image: 577196_10151785565385909_1999304594_n_zps52db87bc.jpg]

[Image: 563879_10151785565940909_898613783_n_zpsd9851339.jpg]

[Image: 524412_10151791839100909_1847097635_n_zpsf19330f2.jpg]

[Image: 561473_10151785565170909_5079310_n_zps5eb663a4.jpg]

[Image: 61243_10151791838980909_1640652712_n_zpsd236ff06.jpg]

[Image: 399179_10151785564755909_6414291_n_zps02b7b14d.jpg]

[Image: 27140_10151785566355909_1249142311_n_zps10fd7040.jpg]

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Beautiful area Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

would love that house overlooking the sea, stunning views
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Looks absolutely beautiful Andi!
Jayne xx
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