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MOHAIR - List & Links
I originally made this thread asking for your personal reviews of the mohair brands you've used but instead I thought we needed a sort of database instead. We still want to hear your opinion but if you don't see anything listed here that you use (or should be added) please provide the name and a link!


Angela's Reborn Nursery

babycre8tions (USA)

MohairHouse (USA)

Naturalistic Angels (UK)

Delta Dawn (USA)

Angora Mohtique

Susan Nagel (AU)

HQ Pitter Patter

any others please list and give your opinions/rating on all the brands of mohair you've tried!!
Thank you much!
Baby Blues is now Pastel Prints Nursery

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So far I have only used the Slumberland and it was from Canada I believe. I bought chocolate brown yearling and light brown kid mohair. I found it incredibly soft and easy to work with but I have no basis for comparison yet. I've actually really only used the yearling mohair. The kid mohair is so fine and delicate that I've saved it for a baby that didn't have the hair grooves carved into the head. I'm planning on using it on my next baby (Sienna from Denise Pratt).

I also just purchased some light brown HQ Pitter Patter wavy mohair and am waiting for it to be delivered. I should be able to compare it soon(ish)

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Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

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I've not heard of Pitter Patter mohair, do you have a link?

I've only used Angela's Reborn Nursery mohair so far, but have some on order from babycre8tions. I'd like to try some others too. So, at this point I also have nothing to compare.

Hey, I have Sienna Pratt too!
Baby Blues is now Pastel Prints Nursery

[Image: babyfeetzlogo2y_zps2cd6c3bb.jpg]
Naturalistic Angels and Susan Nagel's premium. Very good. Smile

Andrea Melo
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The Slumberland I used kept break off, and ended up being expensive rubbish.

I love Susan Nagel, I only buy Yearling and buyfrom her direct.

I also have some Angel Sprott, which I like a lot.
I have recently gone back to using Slumberland (after being scared of it because of other people's bad experiences) and absolutely loved the last batch (I bought yearling for straighter hair).

I guess it depends what you are looking for as well - Slumberland hair sits quite flat on the head (which I like)

The only other one on your list that I have tried is Susan Nagel which is also lovely quality and the colours are very nice but has a lot more volume. I guess it would be better for an older baby look/thicker hair look.

Sharla I would love to hear what the Pitter Patter is like
I only use Susan Nagel mohair at the moment mainly because it is Aus.Will try Slumberland one day.
Hugs Katrina xox

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I just received my Pitter Patter mohair. I bought it from:

It says it's imported from the USA so you might be able to find it cheaper over there. While I've not actually rooted with it yet, I've opened the package to have a look at it and right off the bat I can say I'm a little nervous about using it. It just feels/looks a less conditioned compared to the Slumberland I've used, but this could also be down to the color difference. I've noticed as well, the pieces are not as uniformly sized as the Slumberland was, so there are 6 inch locks in with 10-12 inch locks. I'll give an update after I've actually used it though as these are only cursory observations.
[Image: silvery_moon_small.png]

Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

Be sure to visit my website!
Thanks for sharing these useful links.
Suzette du Plessis recommended Lock You Out on Etsy as well I just got mine in
its great 3/4 oz is $35

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