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Marley and my gran
So... I slept at my gran's last night, and took Marley because she wanted to see him. when my family was around she didn't want to know about him, but when we where on our own she was holding him.

anyway she cuddled him and her cat stared at her and got really jealous of the baby and he isn't even real ahah fooled the cat! LOL, it made me laugh.
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Little Jacob
Seeing as you mentioned the cat I am often surprised at the reaction from animals with these dolls the first time they see them, my dogs were very odd more jealous if I think about it. Has anyone else ever noticed a pets reaction with the re-borns.

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Andama Dujon

My Mums dog kept sniffing and going back to the baby I took over there to show my parents lol, she was nearly as attentive of the baby doll than she was of my real 3 week old baby! was funny to see Smile
That's lovely to hear your Gran was having a hold. What a funny cat! I have an 18 month old boxer and when he saw me holding a doll he nearly broke his neck to get to it. Not to hurt it, but no doubt to claim it like any other thing that takes his fancy. I had better watch him like a hawk as I would hate to find one in his bed lol.
My dogs, Chihuahuas were very interested when I first walked in the room holding Emma Louise like a baby. I then bent down so they could see her, they gave her a sniff but were quite happy when they realised she wasn't real. After all they are my real babies, and they know it.
They still look at me when I bring her in the room or hold her but then I think they remember " it's ok it's only a doll" and go back to sleep


We don't stop laughing because we grow old,
We grow old because we stop laughing.

That is strange that pets react to the babies!!

My Charlie, a cavalier king Charles spaniel was fascinated by Molly and kept wanting to sniff her. He still looks at me funny when I pick her up!!!

Karen Smile
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I just love my dolls!
I have a wolf/hushy hibread and she is very protective of children and when there is a baby in the house she has to lay as near to it as possible to protect it and she did the same with my reborns when I first started making them. Now she sniffs and if it's not real she is off duty. LOL! She loves the smell of babies I think because she lays near anything that smells like one.
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