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Making a positive show
(01-15-2019, 07:29 PM)Oh yes for sure moms and parents with tough little daughters and boys must have to figure out a lot when travelling to let their little ones see the Reborn Doll collections far and wide. We will be building a cost effective show for most collectors and artists over the next few years with all kinds of great packages and events to make it easy and cost effective for all. The artists and collectors are the ones who make this world happen on a daily. They deserve the best for their major support. Wrote: I have found that m,an y artists are also mums and sorting out the kids seems to be the biggest issue followed by cost. But many people make the trip and I am sure your show will take off just give it time.

The problem is not the shows but the owners of some of the shows. They lose footfall as people will go to a show near to where they live instead of having to travel, and that's causes the people who put the show on to lose revenue.

There is so much bitching at shows nowadays so much so that I am giving up doing them, after the one this February, ( and only doing this one as it was prepaid last Feb ) the shows are now letting people who would normally only take dolls to have rails of clothing, most bought in stuff from China, yet they take out the labels and advertise as hand made !! When I did craft shows you only had to put on your table what you had put on the form when you asked for a table. Last year I was asked if I would accept an offer on some of my fine thread crochet, my hubby said " its not a boot fair you know", they want my work for peanuts, I have regular customers who know how much work goes into making something in 2ply crochet cotton, and I am going to just do private work in future. I may open a shop on Etsy, not sure yet. BUT I am done with doll shows for sure.
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I think it is sad that imported things at the shows are allowed I loved that everything was handmade but as you say Maxina people treats shows and traders like garage sales and car boot sales. I often get asked to halve the cost of a doll and I always say no and suggest they try ebay or a super store for a look like a like reborn.

I do find that items not at all related to dolls are often for sale at dolls shows and that annoys me a bit

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