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Lovely day!
Had such a lovely day today! Le Tour de France came to my town. My daughter, Lola, brought Dakota to watch.
[Image: 68D6AC4F-02DC-47CF-9487-9B89EF10276B.jpg]
A lady in a shop we went into thought he was a real baby! xxx
looks like a good time... bet she freaked by the way BUB was being held!
What a great photo and the day looks to be lovely, thanks for sharing

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Haha! He's quite heavy and her arms were hurting lol! She had him in a ring sling at first but it was a bit bulky. We had a lovely time. My sons didn't want to come, they stayed home with grandad. It was a shame they missed out but it was nice spending time with my princess xxx

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