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Lorena Mae
I'm just stating facts about this kit, I'm not having a complain so I hope this babies mum doesn't take it personally as she is on the forum.
.... Ok this kit gets a thumbs down for me...
I don't dislike her because of the sculpting so let me just get that out of the way first off!. She is quiet detailed and if the vynil was nicer I probably would have loved her.

She is produced by SDR back in 2007 so I realise she is old however I do hope they have improved their vynil since then or is it still really bad?

The colour is not too bad at all .... it was a light peachy colour pretty neautral in the scheme of things actually.

however there were a few paint stick issues from the start (and I tried her with both air dry and heat set paints.) When thinners were applied she felt quiet slimy to the touch and the paint just slipped and slid and even when i thought I had it stuck and let it to dry or put it in the oven when I picked her up the paint just rolled off so to speak....when I did get the paint to stick the first time it dried very blotchy and she looked like she had a sever case of vitiligo.. she has been stripped I think 4 times I have finally gotten the paint to stick and look smooth, I used many thin washes to get her to the point where she can be detailed blushed and then rooted.
anyway here is a sneak peak of her
[Image: DSC09981-1.jpg]
[Image: DSC09966.jpg]
I will be happy when this little one is completed because it will have ment that I surmounted the challange!
hugs gayle

Well done Gayle for your perserverance I think I would have given up..... I must say your babe is looking brill now for all your hard work !! xx
Yes- despite the problems you've had with it, it's looking quite good!
[Image: DSC_0284.jpg]

Looking great and I had a babe that painted like that about 3 babes ago I couldn't get her to take the paint well stripped her a couple of times and the weird thing was I had done this babe 2 other times and bought the kit the same place , had no problem with the other 2 kits though.
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
I think she is looking really good now Gayle! I so feel your pain on the painting not sticking lol I am doing Braylee at the moment and had the exact same issue. Certainly puts the patience to the test lol
Lorina Mai is right
She is looking good now.

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