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Long time no see!
Big Grin 
Hi everyone. I'm kind of new here, in that I have just signed back in for the first time in 8 or 9 years!!! OMG I can't believe it has been that long!!! I used to have a few reborns, and actually I had some absolutely amazing work done restoring a disaster doll by a lovely lady on this forum. I even had a go at painting, baking and rooting a head myself, but ended up with a baby that looked like a mad professor. LOL  I no longer have any reborns, though I have a collection of many other types of dolls. I held my MIL's reborn the other day and it triggered a desire in me to adopt a new reborn! Truly, it felt just like becoming clucky! LOL Anyway, I've joined a couple of Facebook groups and Googled for reborns I felt drawn to. Then I remembered I was once a member of this forum....... so here I am again - saying hello and looking for a new reborn. I'm not sure where to post about the doll I'd like but I'll have a quick look through the threads to see what I can find.
There are very few active members on the forum. I look in every couple of weeks and there may have been one post.
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Oh that's a shame. I remember it was a great forum with lots of active and heloful members. I guess social media has replaced forums like this. It's a pity. Thanks for replying.
It is a shame as the forum used to be so busy Sad I still pop in now and then just to see lol xx
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