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List Of Our Favorite Baby Clothes Brands!
I think it would be cool if we could all share our favorite baby clothes brands! I'll start with mine, you guys add yours! Smile

Children's Place Baby Clothes: Excellent quality, very cute & comfy, somehow expensive, especially if you want to buy several items to make an outfit.


Gagou Tagou: Good quality, cool flashy colors, very good price and lots of matching accessories!


Trois Moutons: Good quality, sweet sheeps & koalas designs, relaxing colors, very good price and lots of accessories. The smallest hats are a bit big, but they offer size 1 month which is good if your reborn is smaller than 0-3 months.


Gerber: Good quality, great for packages of 2 or more sleepers, onesies, hats, bibs... good price.


Absorba: Cute "take me home" outfits, excellent quality, somehow expensive and doesn't always come with a hat.

Link: (Under Construction)
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
I just love anything cute!! BONDS is good for my preemie but other then that i dont pay too much to brands....... I just get what ever looks cute Tongue
Proud reborn mummy of Oscar & Abigail-Rose
Soon to be another??
^ Reborn Family pictures ^

My hubby buys most of the baby clothes. He's a shop aholic and he likes doing it. He tends to shop TJ Max a lot because he likes Ralph Lauren, Polo, Childrens Place and so forth and they usually have it all. He also is a bargain hunter so most of the time he gets this stuff under $10. I love it when he comes home after doing Construction all day and says he had to get supplies so he thought he's stop. Being a good size rugged guy and a little on the tuff side it cute when he starts showing me all the cute baby stuff he found. Other than that I love to put the stuff I make for the girl babies on them with all the riffles I guess the brand would be by Judymae. LOL now thats one you won't find out there.
I loved the material I used for Judys so much I had to get some and make something for the Bubs. This is a Maddie Rae twin and she is small.
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Nice clothes Judymae Smile

Your hubby shops for baby clothes?! Congrats you have found the perfect husband!
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
Thanks for those links Caroline some lovely clothes Im in the uk but would buy from afar if I couldnt get what I wanted here
I love Sarah Louise and Will`Beth but there quite expensive Oh and I can recommend our very own Judymae she makes some beautiful outfits lol

Then there this little place where I get my preemie stuff and very reasonable

I also love lots of cheaper bits from Tesco and Asda you can get really pretty clothes I got 2 sets tonight
Judy x
Thanks for the plug Judy on my clothes Your so sweet.
My hubby not only buys the baby clothes but loves doing it which means I get more and I don't get in trouble. LOL!
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Thanks for the links. The first one has some very cute knitted outfits!

Aww... I miss Tesco's lol
When I visit my hubby in England, we walk there at like 2 in the morning to shop. It's great lol

Mine wouldn't shop for baby clothes on his own Tongue He's a trouper for coming with me though, poor guy lol
[Image: BabyBanterSiggie.jpg]
I stick to Garanimals, available exclusively at Wal-Mart (department store) here in the United states and also on eBay. They have an easy to use system of pairing mix and match outfits and very simple size charts. I have yet to be disappointed by any outfit I've bought.
Just came across this post. Some lovely clothes in the links Smile

I love Sarah louise on some babies... if i get anything its always on ebay though as way to expensive otherwise.

For my preemies I LOVE that Tesco has just started doing preemie clothes, I got a cute bundle of clothes in their yesterday for my Twin A baby, all for £10! Included 3 really cute sleepsuits, 3 vests, a wrap around style top and trousers, and hat.

I have got things from babyprem in the past too, but they can be pretty expensive.

For newborn and up I shop anywhere really, Mothercare, ASDA, Tesco - usually anywhere where there is a sale on! lol

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