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Life in shut down
So thought we may like to share what life in lock down is like seeing as the Corona virus is changing the world.

We closed the shop two weeks ago and will stay closed for 3 to 6 months and I have to say I am loving it lol, I enjoy my own company and of course I have lots of craft to do and am actually really motivated at the moment.

We are coming into winter which is the weather I enjoy the most and hopefully we will get snow this year.

I have been working on some projects which I will post so you guys can see what I am doing.

I hope you are all well.

dolly hugs Andi
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Andama Dujon

We have closed pubs, night clubs and shops that don't sell essentials like food and house hold necessities ... colleges and schools have now closed apart from some key worker kids who have to go to school so the nurses etc can work .... other than that we are not completely locked down at the mo .. we can go out once a day for a walk keeping in no more than two people and at a two meter distance from others .. also allowed once a day for exercise applying the same rules as before ..... it's not a hugh problem for me as I also like being in and painting or knitting however my teenages are getting a bit frustrated at not being able to go see their friends etc .. oh and I really miss seeing my other family members who don't live in my house Sad edited to say we will be on a stricter lockdown shortly as some people just won't accept the rules Sad
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Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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Most of the states in the USA are asking non-essential businesses to close. Restaurants are carry out only and the bars are all closed. No elective surgery and dental offices are open for emergency only. We are avoiding contact with others and using sanitizers on the grocery carts and washing hands as soon as we get home. Surgical masks are hard to come by so many people are sewing them to donate to hospitals that can’t buy them..
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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I am making masks for some of my friends and family, Like many I love being at home and crafting so this isolation is pretty awesome for me lol.

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Andama Dujon


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