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Latest items
Can't find where to post  these now Andama so putting them on here.

Latest pieces of work about to start my 19 romper, 
this one is bound for the USA
[Image: 414020821.jpg]
Now on my 4th bonnet, was making them for next Sundays show, but they sold off FB
[Image: 414052391.jpg]
This is an order 
[Image: 414026092.jpg]
These were an order, a friend who makes silicone babies send one with her doll, so make l0 at a time for her 
[Image: 414031856.jpg]
These dress are also an order working on four more that must be posted on Monday two done two to go - will be done today
[Image: 414048060.jpg]
Designer crochet baby clothing 

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I love the body suit the most (the first one)

your post has been shared to facebook

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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